The big bench

Itinerary 3

Duration: 3 hours

Distance: 8,5 km

Difference in height: 600mt D+

Difficulty: medium 

Park in one of the parking of Riva di Solto. The itinerary start at the crossroads between via Ronchi, via Papa Giovanni XXIII, near the parking lot. You will notice a path that runs along the valley of San Rocco, and that you will have to cross it: from there the CAI 567 or CM1, rises quickly on paved road and leads to the Zangolo (m 332) where at the junction we go on the left. Appeared out on a concrete road, you must get 20 meters and is the new entrance to the trail continues to climb up to reach the village of Xino (m 445).
At the square, 50 meters after the church, we must always continue straight on, passing next to the old tubs of water, then on the paved road, and the steep end up on the road. Paying attention we follow up to the piazza di Fonteno (m 615) 500 meters away.

Panchina gigante

From the “Piazza Ongaro Parroci”, climb “via Campello” towards the town hall, opposite to it on the right, take via Papa Giovanni XXIII up to the entrance of the old link that brought to Solto Collina. In any case, the path is also indicated by the signs that lead to the big bench. Through this ancient connection, you will reach the bench that you will notice on your right. After having admired the panoramic view of the “Trentapassi” mountain, we continue going down. We arrive on the road between Solto Collina and Fonteno. Carefully cross the road and continuing to Solto Collina on the right there is an entrance that is also reported by the sign “Sentiero Natura del Sebino”. Take it and go down until you get to the beginning of the village of low Solto Collina. As you enter the built-up area, we have to turn right and take “via Madonna del Prato”, which is going back to “Zangolo”. From here the path backwards will lead us back to Riva di Solto.


This bench is the second installation of our area. In the municipality of Rogno (loc. Spiazzi) was placed the first giant bench on the site www.bigbenchcommunityproject. org you can see the updated list of all new installations. Our bench, Blue and Green: Blue as the lake, Green as mountains. potete vedere l’elenco aggiornato delle nuove installazioni. La nostra panchina prende dal lago il colore blu mentre il verde dalla natura circostante.