Discovering the bogn

Itinerary 1

Duration: 2 hours

Distance: 4 km

Difference in height: 300mt D+

Difficulty: medium but steepy 

What we are proposing is a relatively short but challenging loop-like trail given the steepness of the terrain. The difficulty is however rewarded by the wonderful views overlooking the ravine. The view is breathtaking but not suitable for those suffering from vertigo and not definitely recommended for children as there are unprotected sections.
We advise you, after having parked in one of the parking lots of Riva di Solto, to go down to the village from the square “Piazza del Porto” and walk along the lakefront in the direction of the parish church. Continue walking until you reach Giardino Zenti then a promenade of olive trees which will help you understand the reason behind the nomenclature. When you find yourself no longer walking on the local marble extracted from the quarries of Grè (Solto Collina) you will be near bögn. Go straight on what was the old lake road, built in 1910 at the behest of the then mayor Martinoni; currently replaced by a vehicle transit tunnel that is on your left. After passing the natural amphitheatre of bögn you will enter a small tunnel exiting in the inlet of bögn letting you admire nature’s spectacle, an ancient natural commercial port. Do stop on the bridge to admire the slabs that characterize our place. Here in summer it is not uncommon to find fearless divers who you will see jumping into the Sebino directly from the former road.

Orrido del Bogn

Continuing you will reach the end of the traffic-free zone of bögn where you will find a small beach that is sunny mainly in the morning. Here, you should be very careful, you will have to continue along the roadway until you notice a small sanctuary on your left. Our ascent, on the path, starts right next to it. Climb up the steep path which is initially immersed in the vegetation, always keeping to the left. You will soon see numerous beautiful viewpoints. When you finish climbing you will come out on path 565 that the locals call “the overview” (“la panoramica”). From here you will have to go left, passing by a shed and then a picnic table where you can stop for a moment, if you wish. The great ascent is over, now you will begin descending to return to the village along the other side of the ravine. Going forward after the bench you will come across a tarmacked road (Via Apostoli). Turning left you will take the tarmacked descent which, after two hairpin bends, has a path lined with vegetation on the left. Taking it you will pass the upstream town of Zorzino keep going until you reach a small stretch of disconnected concrete. Just 100 metres later you will find on your left a grassy road descending alongside the ravine, taking you back to the olive trees promenade after a few steps and a bit of pavement. From here you can safely return to the village.

If you haven’t seen bögn from here, you’ve never seen bögn